Busy, Busy... BUSY!

Hey everyone!

So much for the weekly updates right? 

Apologies for that, it has been pretty hectic around the office these past few weeks and here is a couple of reasons why!

Well first of all we have been following up on a few things that were set in motion at the "if we can you can challenge" event, this has included creating a VR demo which turned out to be so much fun that we are working on it for a full release as well as using it as our demo.

A huge chunk of our time has been spent working on a pitch, as we are currently in the running to receive some funding of up to £18,000 and although it is not set in stone we feel we are definitely a strong contender! so wish us all of the luck for that one :D

As some of you will know, it was GameBridge yesterday! and for those of you that don't know, GameBridge is a quarterly networking event for students and industry professionals. Its a really great place to hang out, play some games, have some drinks and network with people interested and passionate about the same things as you!

We met some great people, played some fantastic games, caught up with some old friends and maybe even got a little inebriated! Our fellow start up "Silhouette Wolf" were showcasing their game "The Mimic" there, a brilliant little puzzle game that Jack and I play tested.

Well for now that is all we can share! but hopefully in the next week or so we will have some super duper exciting things to show and discuss with you ;]


Just kidding....

-Adam :)