Project Viz - A Big Nasty Sales Tool - Dev Blog #2

We have begun adding new features as and when they are developed and the build we are currently working on is getting closer and closer to a more complete build.

A few of the major changes we have added to the app are largely to do with customization (mainly materials) allowing the ability to completely change the look of your assets within the viewport without having to go back through the art pipeline or having duplicates of the same assets using different materials.


Speaking of materials, we have also added a dynamic material editor which will allows you to edit the parameters of your currently selected material, giving you more control over how your product looks within the app.


We will continue to add more environments as the development  of Project Viz progresses. One of the new additions to the environment is the “Shop Interior” seen below.

We have also begun development on a shop exterior which is close to completion as seen below. There will be a selection of environments included with the application but of course if any bespoke environments are required, we can build them in house.