Featured Tech Tool! - WiseTime Time Management


WiseTime - A Godsend for the Notoriously Busy

It’s not very often that we find out about a new bit of tech, and deploy it immediately into our businesses. We’re always constantly wary about the price, the effectivity, and of course we wonder how on Earth we’re going to get our employees to actually utilise any new systems in the first place. They already work damn hard enough as it is without adding something else to their workload.

In fact it’s difficult to keep track of everything that your employees do, especially when in the office.

But its important that we do keep track; we need to know how long our salespeople spend inputting data into CRM, or how long we spend on emails, or any number of other tasks both ourselves and our employees complete on a daily basis. Not only does effective time-tracking keep us efficient, it helps us to price better, plan better and in general work so much more effectively.

We’ve tried PLENTY of different ways to track our time, from manual entries into spreadsheets, to the push to start “Toggl”. But nothing seemed to fit with us.

But then we found WiseTime, and nothing was ever easier. WiseTime automatically tracks everything that you do on your computer, from how long you were grafting on that sales cycle, to how much time you were skiving on Facebook. It’s targeted at legal professionals and software developers, but it will also work for anyone who uses a computer as their main tool for work.

All you need to do is download Wisetime on whichever computers you want to track, set up an account for your company and users, and off you go. It then gives you access to a neat little console where you can add various tags and trackers to that info, so you can generate charts and graphs to analyse whatever you need to.


Yes, there is a small charge depending on your amount of users, but the sheer accuracy with which you can collect your data and generate reports is priceless.

Since we’ve been using it, productivity is even higher now we can track pretty much everything.

So here is a link to their website, give it a try.