Big Nasty News #3

In the near future we will be posting a research paper written by the Lead Designer here at Big Nasty Studios who recently completed his masters degree with a distinction (Congratulations again!). The paper will go into detail around the different kinds of simulated destruction within game engines, this includes;

  • Procedural Destruction
  • Destruction using rigid bodies
  • Destruction using skeletal meshes
  • Softbody Destruction
  • Destruction using fracture meshes

Bellissimi Beauty Studios

We are currently still in the midst of editing the YouTube tutorial videos for our friend over at Bellissimi Beauty Studios, the first of 6 videos so far will be uploaded within the next day or two, you can check out the tutorials @Bellissimi Beauty on YouTube or @BellissimiBeauty over on Facebook. Alternatively, you can find all of the information you need by visiting their website at


Don’t forget to follow us on instagram @bignastystudios to keep up to date with everything in and out of the office for the Big Nasty Team! We post regularly and often images of our development work such as the examples below.


Project Viz - A Big Nasty Sales Tool - Dev Blog #1

It’s been a busy year for us since becoming incorporated last year, and we have attended and given many sales pitches. It has quickly become apparent that there are aspects of sales and promotion materials that are somewhat lacking.

We’ve met companies who were looking to show off their products, but these have been too large to carry around and show to their prospects exactly what they would wish to demonstrate. We’ve met companies with high-value products; companies with products that have a high level of customisation; and companies with products that are really difficult to “get” even through an informative PowerPoint presentation. We’ve also met companies that make products or provide services that are simply stunning in their design, and their true majesty simply can’t be realized through images alone.
This is why we’re developing our first sales tool “Project Viz” (Figure 1). Viz is a core application for Android, iOS and PC that will become equal to, if not exceed the best weapons in any salesman or marketer’s arsenal.

Figure 1

Figure 1

“That’s a big sell, guys,” you say, and we agree, but that just shows our belief in this product, and here’s why:
Project Viz is a showcasing, interactive app that enables the display of 3-dimensional files of your products. You are able to zoom in, zoom out, rotate and pan around your products to your heart’s content. It acts as an interactive catalog, enabling you to cycle through products simply with a touch of a screen or the movement of a cursor (Figure 2).
We create bespoke environments to display your products in the environment and lighting of your choice: in a warehouse, at home, in a simple lit studio or even in outer space. It’s entirely up to you (Figure 3).

Figure 2

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 3

You can tap on any of the data points related to the product model you are demonstrating, and a little bubble will pop up that can explain or inform – whatever information you would like your customer to know. If you need to show individual components in closer detail, we can “blow apart” your product and focus on the individual aspects and the specs (Figure 4).
Need to demonstrate how it actually works? We can create simple animations to explain or show different functionalities at the tap of a button. Imagine a new table that also collapses into a chair – the animation could demonstrate the ease of use and dual functionality (Figure 5).

Figure 4

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 5

Do you provide your products in a range of colours or materials? A simple gesture on the screen will cycle through the options available. We specialize in bespoke photo-realistic material creation, ensuring that the lighting bounces from the materials as they would in reality.



There’s one more thing that we’re really excited about. We’re also building the app to allow us to customise the interface with your branding. We can ensure that the combination of your product, your brand and our app will set you apart from your competitors and give a massive boost to your sales.
Sounds brilliant right? You can use it to make direct sales in person or you can stream it to a projector or a screen for a larger audience, you can take it to trade shows and other exhibitions. The apps easy to use interface will enable your customers to play with your products on the spot.

Currently we are working with some exciting companies to build a demo version of the app, so sign up to our mailing list for a free code as soon as it becomes available.
Furthermore, we will also be selling this as an integrated product as well as in standalone form. You can purchase a tablet and a variety of optional stands pre-installed with your branded and ready version of the app. We’ll remove all the stock apps you don’t want as well as personalise the tablet’s operating system so that your branding shows through. Now we are a while away from making this aspect of our product a reality and are looking to set up our supply chain, please get in contact if your business can facilitate this.

A few things that we are still developing and will release footage of in the near future include:

-Dynamic Materials

-Application Brand Implementation

-UI/UX Polish

-Multi-Asset Scenes

-Environment Toolset

-Dynamic Lighting

Well that’s all from us about Project Viz. Please get in touch if there are any questions or you require further information

– The Big Nasty Team!

Big Nasty News #2

Hi all and welcome to the second instalment of Big Nasty News! We have had a lot going on over the past fortnight and we are excited to share it with you!

Bellissimi Beauty Make-Up Studios

We are currently in the midst of developing video graphics for our friends over at Bellissimi Beauty, the aim of the graphics is to increase brand awareness on the beauty tutorial videos they provide.

Find more information on Bellissimi Beauty here:

Big Nasty Viewer

We have been working tirelessly on completing the Alpha build of our new application, the Big Nasty Viewer (Working Title). Later on in the week we will be posting a full announcement of this app which will contain all of the information you need so be on the lookout for that!

Office News!

As this update is coming to an end we would just like to express a huge congratulations to our Lead Designer, Jack Fletcher for completing his Masters Degree!

If you would like to see more of what we have been up to, don’t hesitate to follow us on Instagram @bignastystudios

Big Nasty News #1

Welcome to the first post of a new edition to our website, Big Nasty News! We will be creating a post similar to this one on a bi-monthly basis along with our thought leadership posts and our RnD posts. Although not as informative as our other posts, this is a great way to include you in the goings on over at Big Nasty Studios. This will be the new place to find out how things are going in the office, in our projects and even get an inside look at some of our projects and our workflow.

These posts will be released every 2 weeks starting from today!

Business News!


From the 11th to 13th of July, we went to our first Develop Conference in Brighton. Develop brings together Game Devs from all around the world – from the megastars to the micro-indies to network, have business meetings, play around with each other’s new products and generally have fun while hopefully building some strong connections. This year we had the opportunity to meet with lots of types of people, including people from the BBC, Sony, Jagex, Ubisoft and Amazon Games Studio as well as lots of other smaller developers and publishers with years of experience and know-how to draw from at many of our impromptu meetings.

The highlight of the week was by far being able to attend the Special Effect party, which was a relaxed opportunity to wind down from a rather hectic week and really solidify the new friendships that we had made. Special Effect is a charity that is rather near and dear to our hearts as they are dedicated to helping people with disabilities to enjoy video games as we do. They even have a version of Fifa that they have programmed to work with only facial movement. An absolutely incredible charity – you can find out more information at –

Develop at Brighton was fantastic, and we can’t wait to go back next year to meet some new faces as well as catch up with some familiar ones!


Over the last few weeks, we at Big Nasty have also been busy becoming a member of the BNI – Business Network International is the most successful networking group in the world. The motto at BNI is “givers gain”. Every week we meet to drink copious amounts of coffee, talk business and to pass as many strong referrals for work as we possibly can to other members. In return, they pass work to us as we all constantly work to demonstrate to each other our expertise and practice our networking skills. We were introduced to BNI by David Porter from Surge Marketing Solutions and Andrew Dunning from Andrew Dunning Photography, and so far it has been excellent. We’ve made a lot of new friends and have already passed and have been passed a handful of referrals.

Enterprise Made Simple

If you follow any of our social media accounts you will already know that recent weeks have been extremely useful for us as we have had the opportunity to take part in a selection of workshops that have provided extensive information on topics such as increasing our reach across social media, identifying and planning new routes to market, blogging for business growth, information on business chassis and business tendering.

Over the course of around 2 months, we have all attended these workshops and gained level 3 qualifications in business growth. We spent a weekend at The Hawkhills in York attending this course which was a welcome change from being stuck in an office to being surrounded by nothing but trees and wildlife.

Project News!

Sky City

To show off some of our skills in different areas we have begun working on a selection of projects for our portfolio, the first of these is a futuristic sky city, see how it is coming along below.


Hogney Castle

Another of our projects is Hogney Castle, we are aiming to create this castle using elements from Hogwarts and Disney’s enchanted castle.



Since our last sneak peek of SpaceCakes a lot has changed, we are making huge progress with this project and it is something we are extremely excited about. Although we cannot make as much progress as we like due to other projects taking priority, we can show you what has been happening since the test footage we released a few weeks back.


Some of the new additions include:

  • Animated Customers
  • Diner Environment
  • Diner Lighting
  • Updated Props
  • Teleport Function
  • Customer AI
  • Recipe/Ingredient Datatables
  • Game Music

The Future!

We are also brushing up on our digital drawing skills (images below) if you would like to see more of our development work then let us know!