New Equipment? New Brand? New Office? New Projects!

New Equipment?

So things have been crazy around the office lately! due to the funding we were awarded we have managed to get our hands on some quality equipment which is going to give us the best chance we have at making the highest quality content possible.


So... this is just the first batch of new equipment we have got coming into the office..

  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Touch DK with Prototype Controllers
  • Josh's PRSSE Standard Guitar (Roxanne) and Amp
  • Josh's M-AUDIO Keyboard Controller

All of these fancy new toys have opened up a lot of doors for us and we plan on taking full advantage! We now have the ability to develop across more powerful Virtual Reality platforms and with the high quality music hardware we have acquired we can have a lot more fun when it comes to creating the music for our projects.

New Brand?

Our friends over at The Creative Alchemist have been working hard on creating a fantastic new brand to represent us here at Big Nasty and we have brought it down from multiple designs to one we think is awesome and we feel it represents us and what we do very well.

It feels both professional and clean but also playful and exciting! There are a lot of things we can manipulate and use with this brand and we are super happy with how it turned out. Unfortunately it has not made its way across all of our social media platforms as of yet as the designs are still being worked on but for now, here is a closer look at the design! Pretty cool right?


New Office?

As you all know we are members of the Launchpad based in the heart of Teesside University and we have been in a shared office named "The Fishpond" for around 6 months but as with everything, it is time to move onto bigger and better things! 
So we are super excited to announce we will be moving into our own office space on April 1st! This creates a lot of exciting opportunities to do with the new VR equipment we have acquired, the larger space will allow us to be more ambitious with the projects we are working on.

New Projects!

Obviously with the new equipment we have a ton of ideas up in the air that we are ready to start developing, not much can be announced right now but we can tell you what we are working on is being developed on the HTC Vive and hopefully will be available on Oculus VR also.

More information is still to come over the couple of weeks so keep an eye out for everything Big and Nasty :)