Updates :>

Well here it is... the 3rd? 4th? "weekly update"

Clearly we have a lot to update you on seeing as we are terrible at this "weekly" situation we have found ourselves in.

Well first off... MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Big Nasty team :)

Next on the list is something huge for us and if you follow us on social media then you will already have heard about it but we created a concept for Virtual Reality and it locked down some funding for us, this will allow us to get our mits on some higher quality VR platforms (Oculus/Vive) which is super cool as it means we can jump straight into developing this concept further.

We have already started planning out the project and more updates will be available shortly, a video will be posted below if you would like to see the concept that nailed us the funding!

We have also started a daily post on our Facebook and Twitter called "MunchMusic" this started because we take a lot of inspiration from music and it is something that we play around with during our lunch times, we figured some of our audience may be interested in game music so we decided to start posting what we come up with each day! However that is a lot of random music we expect you to listen to so we are actually thinking of moving it here to our website and dedicating an entire page to just music as there is a lot of ideas flying around and it would be nice if we could have everything in one place for people to listen to

We will still be posting these on our social media pages but only once or twice a week, the full daily updates can still be found on our SoundCloud page  or here on the website once we add the new section if you are into it :) 

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/bignastyltd 


Actually... this is all of the updates i can think of at the moment and i feel you lot don't want to read me waffling on about the smaller details so.... STAY TUNED FOR MORE SOON! :D