Project.Viz - A big nasty sales tool

All video games take place inside “game engines”, which is what we call the virtual universe in which developers essentially get to play God. Up until now these awesome powers have been used only for games, and at Big Nasty Studios, we just don’t know why.

Our new service, Project.Viz re-purposes this power into the ultimate sales tool. It’s the only way to demonstrate your products without having them right there in front of you


  • Full 360 Camera Rotation
  • Fully realised 3D environments
  • Changeable material sets
  • Fully configurable material parameters
  • Animation playback
  • Integrated databubbles & Bespoke simulations
  • Brand Implementation

View your product in all its glory!

project.viz renders your product in real time, it has full 360 camera rotation and the ability to zoom in and out of specific areas of your product. Show off even those hard to reach places.

Your product in its natural environment!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the environment you think will best show off your product, we can go as simple as a clean, edgy looking white warehouse so the focus is on nothing but your product, all the way to a vibrant tropical island. The choice is yours, you think it and we make it!

Your product in any material!

Whether your product comes in one material or multiple, you can dress them in anything that is suited to your preferences in our advanced material editor. Once one of your materials have been selected you can go a step further with our fully configurable material parameters and make either very small tweaks or huge glaring changes to the selected material, YOU decide how best to show off your products wonderful materials!

Your product and it’s awesome features!

Does your product do things? is it a robot dog that can do back flips? is it the inner workings of a dangerous machine? you can show all of this within project.viz using our customisable animation playback. We create bespoke animations for your products e.g Inner workings, demonstration or cause/effect. You also have the ability to effect the playback of these animations, change the playback speed to have a closer look at how your products work or set a certain animation to loop if that is the feature you wish to show off the most.

Your product and it’s key information!

 Using the animation feature of the app, we can blow apart your product into pieces, we then add customisable databubbles to the relevant sections which gives us the ability to add specific/vital information about your product or how your product is built/works together.

Not only can we add customisable databubbles but we can also create bespoke simulations to convey that same information in other ways e.g Graphs, Charts that show changes over time.

Your product, your app!


Let's be clear, we don't want to steal yours or your products thunder. We have the ability to completely re-brand project.viz to suit your preferences

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